What is Healthy Eating?

Strict diets, losing as much weight as possible, not being able to enjoy the food you love and getting moody about it. These are not the dimensions of healthy eating, actually, these are far from it.

Healthy eating is supposed to make you feel great, increase your energy levels and just improve your overall mood and outlook every single day. These qualities can never be achieved through starvation or not enjoying what you eat three times a day.

So what are the benefits of healthy eating and how do we practice it?
The positive effects on the physical body for example, weight loss, when eating healthy is well-known. In addition to that, healthy eating also does wonders to your mental and emotional health, something less known among the public.

Studies show that strict diets and extreme calorie cutting led to mental instabilities such as depression and an increased risk of suicide. While a healthy diet with good food had the reverse effect. However, focusing on specific meals and adjusting them may only do the job in the short run, thus overall diet adjustments should be the focus.

Is there a way to eat what you enjoy, and still be considered eating healthily? The answer is a resounding YES!

Make small changes a habit before moving to big changes

  • Cook your own meals
  • Use healthier alternatives in your ingredients
  • Pay more attention to food labels
  • Drink plenty of water

Practice Moderation: Satisfied, not stuffed

  • Avoid banning food you love entirely, incorporate it into your diet in moderation
  • Do not rush when eating.
  • Practice eating with other people over eating in front of the TV as it leads to overeating
  • Select smaller portions of food

Minimize Sugar Intake

  • Excessive sugar causes energy spikes leading to diabetes
  • Sugar is mostly hidden in the everyday foods we eat
  • Food such as bread, rice and cereals

Greens & Greens & more Greens

  • Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals
  • Provides nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.
  • Monitor the amount of fruits & vegetables you’re eating now, and double it

Add high fiber food to your diet

  • High fiber foods lowers the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and even enhances weight loss and maintenance
  • Natural foods have the most fiber while processed food has the least
  • Fruits vs pastries

Incorporate both your comfort food and your greens into your diet, in relevant proportions. Maximize your greens and healthier choices while minimizing or reducing the proportions of your comfort food but do not eliminate them entirely.

Try and discover ways to have a healthy diet while still enjoying what you eat concurrently.