Just move, Yes – Start get moving!

In Singapore, the most cited reasons for the lack of exercise are time, zero motivation and interest, as well as cost.

You could choose healthy food, but exercise is also one of the most important steps to keep a healthy weight.

It is recommended by the Health Promotion Board to perform at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. However, it does not mean we have to deliberately set aside the same amount of time for exercising.

Contrary to some, exercising is not time-consuming; it is not only about working out in the gym or out on the running tracks.

We can incorporate physical activities into our daily lifestyle routines for example, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, or even jumping or light jogging on the spot while you are watching your favorite dramas.

Besides health benefits, exercising is also known to help you mentally. Research has shown that physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that boost your mood (1). With piling workload in school or at work, exercising is a good and free way to relieve the stress!

Know more about exercising – some truths and myths

To keep and maintain a healthy weight, one should also take the effort to learn more about body exercises and incorporate the right kinds of physical activities into your lifestyle.

The truth about calorie counters in exercise machines

Our weight loss is dependent on our weight, height and fitness levels – different factors affect the calories we burn during exercise.

Unless specific weight and other physiological details are entered, most of these exercise machines are not 100% accurate in their calorie count, and thus they should be used only as a reference when one is trying to track the amount of calories burned.

Sweating as an indicator of exertion
It is a myth to think that sweating more means burning more calories.

Incorporating light exercises into our daily routines could be as good as working out in the gym weekly. For example, taking the stairs instead of the lift, and walking for longer distances etc.